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You are currently facing the problems

1.       Lack of professional lighting designer to design a complete lamp base on a lamp picture.

2.       Lack of a professional lighting manufacture to produce the complete lamp base on the lamp design

3.       There is circuit safety problem in the customized lamp

4.       The supplier cannot produce the full range of indoor decorative lamp

5.       One lighting project, the quality is not the same

6.       Increasing the price when production after the contract

7.       The packing is not safety enough. The lamps are damaged in the transportation

8.       The lamps are not assembled. You need the pay more installation fee for labor costs

9.       Lack of professional installation instruction

10.   Found that there are structural deficiencies in the lamps when installation

11.   The lighting project price is very high but the quality is ordinary



We can provide you

We have a professional lighting designer team and production line

1.       To offer the exclusive lighting design solution

2.       To producing different kind of indoor decorative lamp base on the design

3.       To use the high quality electronic accessories with specified safety certification including CE/FCC/SAA/VDE etc

4.       Can produce glass lighting, crystal lightings, metal lightings and wooden lightings/ chandelier, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps

5.       To provide stable quality in every order

6.       No increasing price in the production

7.       Use the embedded foam + carton packaging, with wooden frame reinforcement if necessary

8.       Already assembled the main parts in our production. The customer only need to do simple installation after receive the lightings

9.       Installation testing by sample, and test to installation before shipment

10.   To offer after-sales service, To provide installation instruction by different ways, picture, video, assist the necessary site supervision

11.   We are the original manufacture with full production line. Collaborating with us to reduce the agent cost



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