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Basic knowledge of the lighting wires

Classify bysafety

1.1:UL/CUL(CSA)(USA,Canada):Main wire including:SPT-1、SPT-2、SVT、 SJT、1007、1015、2468 etc.



1.4:PSE(Japan):VFF、VCTF、VCTFK etc.

1.5:SAA and the other standard wire & nonstandard wire of some micro-regions.

2、  Classify by structure

2.1: One layer insulator wire(There is only one layer of insulator). Such as:SPT-1、1007 etc.

2.2: Covered wire (There are more than 2 layers of insulator). Such as:SJT、HO3VVH2-F、1185 etc.

3、Classify by electrical performance

3.1:Electric wire、cable:SVT 、SPT-1、HO3VVH2-F etc.

3.2:Electron beam:1007、1015、2468、1185 etc.

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